Ring slings and Carry Loops

Weaverbirds ring slings and carry loops are handwoven in a fair-trade manner by experienced artisan weavers in Uganda using locally sourced cotton certified sustainable by Cotton made in Africa.

Ring slings and Carry Loops are often made from the last piece of the wrap or wrap scraps to avoid any wast of precious resources. If you wish to order a custom made ring sling or carry loop from one of our wrap designs please email us at info@weaverbirds.ug.

All Weaverbirds products are made with respect for people and planet.

Size guide for Carry Loops:
To determine the right size Carry Loop please use the following guide.

Your height in centimeters + your chest circumference in centimeters / 2 = the circumference of the carry loop which will fit you and your baby.

Please note that some prefer slightly more loose carry loops and others more tight. Hence, the result of the above size calculation is only a guide.

Please also note that you can adjust the carry loop size slightly yourself. Handwoven fabrics are ‘living’ materials. If your carry loop feels too big you can adjust it by flipping the shoulder or by washing it in warm water (30-40 degrees). If, on the other hand, your carry loop is a bit too tight use it well or stretch it slightly while wet.

Always feel free to reach out if you have any questions.


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