Nightfall ring sling (long)

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Inspired by the beautiful and intense dark sky just before nightfall, this wrap is a stunning grad of deep dark blue melting into ocean blue, violet and purple shades. The weft consist of color blocks in beautiful violet and blue shades slowly mixing into more dark blue shades. The changing weft colors combined with the changing crackle weave patterns makes the wrap seem almost alive. Through out the sling are beautiful artistic inlays of handspun organic cotton.

This piece is a One-of-a-Kind

Color warp: Grad of deep dark blue melting into ocean blue and further into violet and purple shades
Color weft: Color blocks in beautiful different blue, purple and violet shades
Pattern: Advanced changing crackle pattern
Fiber: 100% sustainable cotton (certified by Cotton made in Africa)
Width: Approx. 70cm before first wash
Weight: Medium, GSM approx. 250
Break in: Easy to none
Tail: Long elegant fringes
Length: Approx 2.3cm plus fringes

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