Riverbank Ring sling with inlays and clasp weft

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Inspired by the almost soft earthy colors along the riverbanks this wrap has a stunning light colored warp and an earth colored lace inspired pattern. Only one wrap and one ring sling is available. The warp colors are gradually melting into each other in shades of soft sand, khaki, emerald, light jeans blue, and dusty grey. The earthy warm brown colored weft gives that wrap a subtle, soft and natural expression. The pattern is a double oval lace shaped weave giving the wrap an elegant and soft look. The wrap has inlays in natural handspun organic cotton through out the wrap and several areas of clasp weft in natural color providing the wrap with a beautiful contrast. The wrap feels soft, sturdy and supportive, has limited bounce and a lot of support and strength. It becomes very soft and smooth with use and provides a perfect support with a little grip and limited glide. The wrap is perfect for smaller babies and can easily be used into toodlerhood and beyond.

Wrap details:
Color warp: Medley of soft sand, ecru, light teal, emerald, beige and rust
Color weft: Earthy brown
Pattern: Oval lace shaped pattern
Fiber: 100% sustainable cotton (certified by Cotton made in Africa)
Width: Approx. 70cm
Weight: Medium, GSM approx. 260
Break-in: Easy to medium
Middle marker: Sustainably sourced cork
Length: approx. 1.85m
Tail: Fringes

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