Personal data protection
Most importantly, please note that we never sell your data to third-parties and that your data is stored securely with Weaverbirds.

Who is the “Data Controller” ?
For the purposes of the applicable General Data Protection Regulation, which took effect on May 25, 2018, the manager of Weaverbirds is the Data Processing Controller for your data and the data Weaverbirds collects.

What categories of data are we dealing with?
Personal identification data: first name, last name, email address.
Delivery data: delivery address, billing address, phone number.
Order data: quantity, product name, payment method, delivery method.
Site access data: ip address, time, page displayed, characteristics of the device/browser used to connect, duration of the connection etc.
Data included in emails that you send to us.

How do we obtain and use your personal data?
We collect and process the personal data that you provide to us exclusively for the following purposes:
• the correct execution of the sales contract between you and Weaverbirds until the delivery of your order
• the presentation, during the ordering process, of products that might be of interest to you
• the sending of tracking information about your order
• the sending of emails in relation with your actions on Weaverbirds webshop
The emails you send us are treated as regular emails. They are not stored nor linked to your customer account in a database.

Who has access to this data?
Your personal data:
Weaverbirds: all the data.
The subcontractor who packages and ships: your name, address, phone number, order contents, shipping method, email address and invoice if sent outside the EU.
The subcontractor who sends parcel tracking emails: your name, address, phone number, shipping method, email address.
Carriers: name, address, phone number, email address and invoice if sent outside the EU.
Customs or other local authorities when applicable: all legal data present on the invoices.
Emails: Weaverbirds

Where are your personal data processed?
Your data are stored and processed in Denmark on virtual servers. A backup copy is kept in Denmark at the premises of Weaverbirds. The data transferred to our subcontractors are processed by their servers, in Europe, under their responsibility in accordance with the GDPR.

How long do we keep your data?
Invoices and orders: 10 years in compliance with legal requirements.
General emails: maximum one year.
Email related to a conflictual case (i.e.: delivery or quality issue): one year after the settlement of the conflict or the last email exchanged on the subject.

How to access, update, delete your personal data?
This can only be done by contacting Weaverbirds directly either through email (, facebook messenger ( or Instagram messenger (

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