Sweet Joanna Prototype size 3 (short)

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This is a prototype of the original Sweet Joanna wrap. Designed in collaboration with the renown Dainsh baby wearing educator and attachment parenting advocate Lotte Hald, this wrap is a stunning light and soft colored grad. The warp is a medley of dusty rose, sand, light blue, gold and yellow nuances. The wrap has a golden weft giving the wrap a soft, warm and light, almost magical appearance. The patterns is a delicate almost lace-like twill pattern. The wrap is medium in hand, soft and perfect for small babies, yet strong and supportive and with a bit more grip than glide. The wrap can easily be used for both new born babies and toddlers.

Color warp: Medley of dusty rose, sand, light blue, gold and yellow nuances
Color weft: Golden
Pattern: Lace-like twill weave
Fiber: 100% sustainable cotton (certified by Cotton made in Africa)
Width: Approx. 70 cm before the first wash
Weight: Medium, GSM approx. 250
Length: Approx 3m.
Break-in: Limited to none
Middle marker: Sustainably sourced cork
Tail: fringes

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