Pundamilia Grey size 4 Grade 2

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Our Monochrome Collection is a classic series of hand woven baby wraps inspired by Scandinavian minimalism and design tradition. Because the light colored cotton is natural and untreated the wrap is extremely soft even at loom state. Just like Pundamilia Black, Pundamilia Grey has a thin simple grey panel on one side of wrap. This allow the use to easily locate and adjust the right rail when needed. This is the perfect wrap for new-born’s because of the extreme softness caused by the untreated cotton but strong enough and with plenty of  bounce to be used into toddlerhood and beyond.

Color warp: Natural untreated cotton
Color weft: Grey
Pattern: Herringbone
Fiber: 100% sustainable cotton (certified by Cotton made in Africa)
Width: 70cm at loom state (approx. 66 after first wash)
Weight: Medium, GSM 250 at loom state (approx. 265-270 after first wash)
Break in: Easy
Middle marker: Leather

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