Lift me Up (Charity Wrap – sold out)


Inspired by the symbolic meaning of the rainbow: promise and community, this wrap has a bright and beautiful rainbow colored warp. All of the proceedings from the sale of this wrap will be donated directly to Lift me Up, an organization dedicated to providing ergonomic babywearing carriers to families who have children with disabilities. The pattern is a stunning circular crackle which gives the wrap a fantastic grip with limited glide and a wonderful bounce. The wrap becomes extremely soft quickly and folds perfectly around the baby providing a great support for both baby and the carrier. The wrap can be used for newborn babies once broken in and into toddlerhood as it is strong and supportive.

Please note that this wrap can only be purchased by draw. Please click on the above link to enter the draw.

The draw is open from until 18th (midnight). The invoices will be sent out November 19th and have to be paid within 24 hours.

By purchasing this wrap you do not only support Lift me Up’s important work enabling children with disabilities to be carried closely but you also Weaverbirds’ sustainability project in Uganda. You can read more about us on this websites Ethical Responsibilities and About section and you can read more abou Lift me Up here:

Wrap details:
Color warp: Rainbow medley
Color weft: Gold OR Black
Pattern: Advanced circular crackle weave
Fiber: 100% sustainable cotton (certified by Cotton made in Africa)
Width: Approx. 70cm at loom state.
Weight: Medium, GSM 245 loom state (approx. 260 after first wash).
Break-in: Easy
Middle marker: Sustainably sourced cork

Size 3 (245 Euro – 196 Euro ex. VAT)
Size 3 WITH fringes (275 Euro – 220 Euro ex. VAT)
Size 4 (275 Euro – 220 Euro ex. VAT)
Size 4 WITH fringes (305 Euro – 244 Euro ex. VAT)
Size 5 (305 Euro – 244 ex. VAT)
Size 5 WITH fringes (335 Euro – 268 Euro ex. VAT)
Size 6 (335 Euro – 268 Euro ex. VAT)
Size 6 WITH fringes (365 Euro – 292 Euro ex. VAT)
Size 7 (365 Euro – 292 Euro ex. VAT)
Size 7 WITH fringes (395 Euro – 316 Euro ex. VAT)
Ring sling 2m (175 Euro – 140 Euro ex. VAT)
Ring sling 2m WITH fringes (190 Euro – 152 Euro ex. VAT)

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