Charity Wrap BILLE (SOLD OUT)


BILLE is our 4th. annual Charity wrap and is designed in collaboration with Jesper Søvndal, a renowned TV personality. Jesper is besides a baby-wearing dad, a television baking show celebrity, a SoMe persornality, the founder and owner of a Baking School and well-known for his unique and innovative interior color combinations.

BILLE is named after Jespers first son of only 5 weeks, and is the result of Jesper’s playful and creative combination of colors and design. BILLE is handwoven in a beautiful combination of deep blue nuances, teal, maroon and rose woven in a large herringbone pattern. The pattern combined with the careful weaving and beating, makes it one of the softest and most supportive wraps we have ever produced!

All of the proceedings from this wrap will be donated directly to the organisation Danish Hospital Clowns. The hospital clowns are a group of trained professionals providing support, love and laughter to children and families during the hardship of being admitted at a hospital. The hospital clowns work toward strengthening sick children’s joy of life and life courage, so they can manage their fight against sickness better.

By purchasing a Weaverbirds BILLE wrap you become a partner in improving children’s experience when they are sick and in the hospital. Please note that this wrap can only be purchased through draw. The draw winners will be announced Friday 27th. Click on the below link to enter the draw.

Wrap details:
Color warp: Deep ocean blue, royal blue, ocean blue, teal, maroon and rose
Color weft: Deep dark ocean blue
Pattern: Large herringbone
Fiber: 100% sustainable cotton (certified by Cotton made in Africa)
Width: Approx. 70cm
Weight: Medium, GSM approx. 280
Middle marker: Sustainably sourced cork
Tail: straight cut (no fringes)

Scarf approx 2.1m (159 Euro – 127.2 ex. VAT)
Size 2 (225 Euro – 204 ex. VAT)
Size 4 (315 Euro – 252 Euro ex. VAT)
Size 5 (345 Euro – 276 Euro ex. VAT)
Size 6 (375 Euro – 300 Euro ex. VAT)
Size 7 (405 Euro – 324 Euro ex. VAT)
Size 8 (435 Euro – 348 Euro ex. VAT)
Ring Sling (approx. 1.9m) (170 Euro – 136 Euro ex. VAT)

If you wish to donate directly to Danske Hospitaleklovne but do not wish to enter this draw, you can do it via one of the below methods:
• MobilePay: 7654XP
• SMS-code: KLOVN 100 OR KLOVN 150 to 1919 = 100 or 150 kr. plus SMS fee
• Online donations:
• Webshop:

Photo credits: Sille Arendt @sillearendtphotography

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