Dreamy Rainbow (pre-order – SOLD OUT)


Designed in collaboration with the renown Japanese influencer and baby wearing educator Sachiko Sonoda, this wrap is a stunning light and dreamy colored rainbow. The warp is a medley of violet, blue, yellow and rose nuances with every other thread being natural giving the wrap a soft and light, almost magical appearance. The patterns is a delicate almost lace-like star shaped crackle weave. The wrap is light in hand but strong and supportive with a bit more grip than glide. The wrap can easily be used for new born babies and into toddlerhood.

The wrap is expected to be ready early 2022. By placing your order you will be asked to pay a 50% deposit. This secure your spot on the warp. Once your wrap is ready for shipment you will be asked to pay the remaining 50%. There are only very limited spots available on this warp.

Please note that this wrap is without fringes, inlays and clasp weft. You can add fringes, inlays and clasp weft directly while ordering (first add wrap/ring sling and then add fringes). If you add inlays and/or clasp weft or wish a different weft color we will contact you concerning placement and color.

The model and the first 7 pictures are with Snow white weft, last 5 pictures are with Gold weft.

Color warp: Medley of violet, blue, yellow and rose nuances
Color weft: Snow white OR Golden (note the pattern is slightly more visible with golden weft)
Pattern: Lace-like star shaped crackle weave
Fiber: 100% sustainable cotton (certified by Cotton made in Africa)
Width: Approx. 70 cm before the first wash
Weight: Medium, GSM approx. 255
Break-in: Limited
Middle marker: Sustainably sourced cork
Tail: Straight

Ring sling: 195 euro (156 euro ex. VAT)
Scarf/size 1: 190 euro (152 euro ex. VAT)
Size 2: 265 euro (212 euro ex. VAT)
Size 3: 310 euro (248 euro ex. VAT)
Size 4: 345 euro (276 euro ex. VAT)
Size 5: 380 euro (304 euro ex. VAT)
Size 6: 415 euro (332 euro ex. VAT)
Size 7: 450 euro (360 euro ex. VAT)
Size 8: 485 euro (388 euro ex. VAT)

Possible add on:
Knot and loose fringes (approx 12cm): 10 euro per side
Twisted fringes (approx 17cm): 15 euro per side
Inlays 10 pieces (organic handspun cotton): 25 euro
Clasp weft (approx 2cm wide): 10 euro
Clasp weft (approx 5-7cm wide): 15 euro
Color blocks throughout the wrap (10-15 different shades): 80 euro

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Ring sling Snow white weft, 1 Snow white weft, 2 Snow white weft, 3 Snow white weft, 4 Snow white weft, 5 Snow white weft, 6 Snow white weft, 7 Snow white weft, 8 Snow white weft, Ring sling Gold weft, 1 Gold weft, 2 Gold weft, 3 Gold weft, 4 Gold weft, 5 Gold weft, 6 Gold weft, 7 Gold weft, 8 Gold weft, Twisted Fringes one side (ring sling), Twisted Fringes two sides (wrap), Loose and Know fringes one side (sing sling), Loose and knot fringes two sides (wrap), Inlays (10 pieces), Clasp weft (1 piece), Clasp weft wide (1 piece), Color blocks

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