Blue Moon (custom) size 2 (scarf)

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Inspired by the beautiful sky during moon shine this wrap was a part of a special Japanese custom order. The wrap consist of a beautiful medley of blue and purple colors with a natural colored band symbolizing the full moon. The weft is golden giving the wrap a stunning shine. The wrap has a wonderful grip with limited glide and bounce. A size 2 wrap is the perfect scarf while it at the same time can be used as a standard short wrap, no-sew ring sling, rebozo during pregnancy and labor and much much more. Perfect for carries on the go and to keep mom beautiful and warm.

Color warp: Purple, navy, ocean blue, natural and turquoise
Color weft: Golden
Pattern: Flame inspired crackle weave
Fiber: 100% sustainable cotton (certified by Cotton made in Africa)
Width: Approx. 70cm before first wash
Weight: Medium, GSM approx. 240 after first wash
Break in: Easy
Middle marker: Sustainbly sourced cork
Tail: Fringes

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