100% Natural Cotton nm 20/2

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Pure natural sustainable cotton certified by Cotton made in Africa. Grown with respect for nature and harvested by hand without chemical defoliant. Spun at a spinning mill in Kampala approved and certified by Cotton made in Africa. The count is nm 20/2.

This yarn is amazingly soft and perfect for baby wraps when doubling the threads in the warp.

Weaverbirds is the only place where you can buy Cotton made in Africa cotton for weaving outside the continent of Africa.

Please feel free to email info@weaverbirds if you have any questions about this yarn.

The criteria of the CmiA standards include ecological, social, and economic aspects of cotton production and processing. You can read more about the criteria and certification process here: https://www.cottonmadeinafrica.org/

The price is listed per kilo yarn. Each cone weight approx 1.4kg. When you place an order the number is referring to the number of cones. Eg. 1 cone is approx 1,4kg and 2 cones are approx 2,8kg. Your final price will be based on the exact weight of the cone(s) and you will be requested to pay the balance before shipping.

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